November 14, 2011
RLS Energy installed our solar unit at our shop in Marshall MI. and we are very satisfied. Rob is the only solar installer we work directly with, we have worked on many quotes and have worked with Rob to develop our solar panel racking system. I would recommend RLS Energy to anyone who wants a professional installation of a solar array. I have found Rob to be detailed, honest and places a high value on customer satisfaction. His product knowledge is outstanding for a new industry were even the big manufactures are stumbling. He is great with innovations and problem solving. Rob is “your” person, that protects your project.

RLS Energy is the only choice I see for the total package of solar arrays in this area.




November 13, 2011
Rob put in a 10 kWh wind turbine and also a 10.9 kWh solar system for me. Both projects were performed exactly as he presented them! I would highly recommend him to install such units for anyone.

Very satisfied,



July 28, 2011
Thank you, Rob!

I’m very appreciative of the good work that you and your team have done in the last several days. You covered every detail and put together a system that both of us can be proud of.

I keep looking for Consumer’s monthly bill that usually comes around this time of the month. Last month we used 872 kWh, which runs around 30 kWh a day. If I can average around 10 kWh each day, that will be fine. Right now in these summer months, my average is around 16 kWh.

We can keep the road signs up until winter and hope others will join you in making a better world to live in.

Best wishes toward more good work in the future!!



July 17, 2011
In 1984 I purchased a roof fixed-mount solar system from Sunway Builders. That was the last year solar tax credits were available to homeowners. Since then Sunway Builders has gone out of business and service for my system went with them. I have since learned enough about the system to replace some parts which allowed it to limp along until I contacted Rob Sepeter of RLS Energy. He immediately showed interest in having my system work as it was designed. Through countless hours of his own time he has developed, made recommendations, and revived my non-working solar system into an efficient and working entity. I am grateful for this effort and as a result, am recommending Rob to anyone who has solar system problems.

Yours Truly:



June 15, 2011
Thank you for your response. Although I was disappointed with the result, I respect greatly the fact that you didn’t try to “sell” me something that wouldn’t meet my needs at this time. It’s clear to me that you have great integrity and are used to dealing with people in an honest way. I really admire and appreciate that.

I would like to continue the “my use of greener energy solutions” conversation in the future. If I choose to make any energy changes be assured that you will be the first person I call.

It was a delight to talk to you when you and your wife came to Arcadia, and it has been a quality experience dealing with you concerning my use of solar energy.

Thank you so much.


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