My name is Dave and we purchased the G100 5 years ago from RSL Energy. We read an ad in our local newspaper about heatmaster stoves and to call RLS Energy for more information. From the initial contact with Rob, from RLS Energy, his experience and knowledge of the Heatmaster stoves, we knew this was the brand of stove and the person we trusted to have install in our home. Since then, we have not been let down or felt we we made the wrong decision. The woodstove has proven everything they say it will do. Most importantly though is setting up the stove to heat our home and heat our water and rob did an excellent job. We have had 1 warranty issue and had zero problems getting our part through RLS Energy. Lastly, we would like to say Rob is as trustworthy as they come. We are glad to have read the ad and met Rob and his wife. If another woodstove is needed in the future, it will only be a Heatmaster purchased from Rob and RSL Energy. Thanks


We love our G400! It has saved us a lot in propane costs this winter. We actually bought it used from HeatMaster Dealer, RLS Energy, and Rob Sepeter. He delivered it and installed the unit in a timely manner. It was installed correctly and Rob transferred the warranty with minimal hassle. Rob was very knowledgeable of the unit and in his instruction for use. Would highly recommend his services!

TimHillsdale, MI

First year with my G4000 had issues with creosote build-up. This turned out to be a software issue, but was troubling at the time.
Throughout that time my dealer-Rob at RLS Energy – was there. Calls and texts were answered promptly and he was here in person about 10 times. Heatmaster was responsive throughout as well.
At no time was I played back and forth between manufacturer and dealer-that was a major consideration for choosing Heatmaster over Central Boiler and Crown Royal.
Over next summer Heatmaster sent crew to change a couple parts-including software- and stove ran flawlessly last winter.Couldn’t be more satisfied.
Problems happen, but my measure of a company is how they deal with them. These guys get 5 stars from me.
Love the stove. Really love the support.

Bill P.HeatMaster G4000MI

If your thinking of buying an outdoor woodburner. Heatmaster is the way to go and Rob Sepeter of RLS Energy is the guy you want to do the job. He has delivered on every promise he made. And the g200 has performed like he said it would/ I would gladly hire Rls again, and highly recommend him to anyone.

RobertOlivet, MI

When I made the decision to go forward with gasification stove project RLS Energy was one of the organizations that I spoke to while I was doing my research. They were very accommodating in answering all of my questions along with making recommendations on the direction, and the type of unit that I should consider.

After reviewing the data and information, we placed an order with them for a Heatmaster G200. I chose to do a “DIY” installation on this project. RLS Energy offered me all the support necessary to make this a successful project from start to finish, which was greatly appreciated. After completing the installation phase, Rob gave me comprehensive instruction on the operation, care, and maintenance of our unit.

In my book one of the real testaments of a great supplier is support after the sale, and RLS Energy did exactly that. After the first winter of operation I had shut the unit down in-preperation for cleaning and noticed a small water leak inside of the fire box. I contacted RLS Energy, and Rob immediately responded. He came over and together we reviewed the condition. He took photographs, and made contact with the Manufacturer in a very timely fashion, and was able to make arraignments for getting the condition corrected very quickly. That was very much appreciated by myself, for a job well done!

In summary, I have been extremely pleased with the service and support that we have received from RLS Energy, and would highly recommend them to anyone for their energy equipment needs!

ScottHeatMaster G200Charlotte, MI

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