RLS Energy is an approved Aerostar wind turbine tower consultant, dealer and installer. We have spent considerable time at the factory, and in training for this technology. We are known to allow our customers the opportunity to do portions of the project they are qualified to handle which may make it so that an otherwise undo able project becomes possible.

We are an approved solar installer. We tailor each installation to maximize the return on investment for each customer. We have several different technologies available for sale and installation. We have our Uni-Solar Thin Film system up and running to allow people to see hands on the scope of the project. Check out our installation’s power output on our home page any time.

We also believe that wood heat can play an important part in energy cost reduction. If you have the wood resource why let it rot away. We researched the wood stove industry several years ago and decided on the American made HeatMasterSS Wood Stove line for our sales. We have operated a wood stove at our site for several seasons now, it is has performed well and its operation has delivered repayment of our total investment. The system lends itself to a homeowner doing a substantial amount of the installation and we will work closely with you to complete the project.

Thanks for looking at our site and the product lines we carry. After many years in the customer service business we understand the need to provide value, integrity and efficiency in dealing with the customer. We are  look forward to working with you, please visit our Contact page to let us know if you’re interested.

Offering Consultation, Site Survey, Design, Installation and Maintenance.

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