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Choosing Between the AEROSTAR® 6 Meter and INDEPENDENCE Family Wind Turbines

Your decision whether to purchase a 6 Meter or INDEPENDENCE 32 turbine will usually depend on at least three things:
1. Your power consumption
2. Your wind resource.
3. How much you can afford to spend.

The 6 Meter wind turbine has a 22′ diameter rotor. The INDEPENDENCE is 41.3 feet in diameter so it sweeps about 3 times the area of the 6 Meter. This means at a similar height and at a similar wind site, you should expect about 3 times the power from the INDEPENDENCE turbine.

If you have a farm or small business and use irrigation, coolers and other equipment that results in heavy electrical loads, the 6 Meter will probably be too small for you. If your average wind speeds are above 12 MPH the INDEPENDCE 32 is probably the turbine for you.

If your power consumption is similar to the average U.S. household, 700-800 kWH/Month, and have an average wind speed of 12-13 MPH, the 6 Meter may be the perfect solution.

Deciding which turbine is right for you is an important decision. We recommend that you collect your electrical bills for the past year or so and look at your consumption. You will also want to learn something about your wind resource and the average wind speeds at your location.

Before deciding, we recommend that you contact us here at RLS Energy The advantage of working with a dealer is that they will be familiar with local wind speeds, zoning and permitting requirements, installation costs and other things that you will want to know. We will meet with you and perform a site evaluation. We will also want to review your electrical power consumption, so please have your electrical bills handy.

As a certified Aerostar Dealer we have attended factory training and have achieved Aerostar certification.

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