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Inovateus Partner - Solar Panels

Inovateus Solar

RLS Energy is a Strategic Partner of Inovateus Solar

As a solar developer, EPC and product supplier, Inovateus Solar has partnered with some of the top module, inverter and balance of system manufacturers for the highest quality, most reliable solar parts on the market. They procure the best solar components and systems for our own utility, commercial, industrial and other large-scale projects as well as the residential installers that we support through our supply business.

“Building a Brilliant Tomorrow”
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Canadian Solar

Canadian solar’s leading cell and module technology guarantees the world class stability and reliability backed by 25 years linear performance warranty. All series of regular modules are manufactured to the strictest engineering guidelines, ensuring each module meets the international standards of quality and safety.

Standard modules are powered by 125 x 125mm (5 inch) or 156 x 156mm (6 inch) high efficiency mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline solar cells. These modules are suitable for all types of solar applications from large scale solar farms to residential and commercial roof-top systems.

Key Features
• 10 years product warranty (materials and workmanship); 25 years linear module power output warranty
• Industry leading plus only power tolerance: 0W~5W
• Top ranked PVUSA (PTC) rating in California for higher energy production
• Ultra reliable in corrosive atmosphere, verified by IEC61701 “Salt Mist Corrosion Testing”
• Strong framed module, passing mechanical load test of 5400Pa to withstand heavier snow load
• The 1st manufacturer in PV industry to apply ISO:TS16949 (The automotive quality management system) in module production since 2003
• ISO17025 for qualified manufacturer owned testing lab, fully complying to IEC, TUV, UL testing standards

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SMA America

Solar Inverters

A solar power system is only as good as its inverter. It operates the solar cells at the optimum electrical operating point (MPP) and transforms their direct current into grid-conforming alternating current. Its quality defines the yield, and as such it is the heart of a solar power system.

Solar power systems are just as individual as the buildings on which they are installed. Therefore, the installation engineer must be able to select the inverter which most optimally suits the respective generator and which guarantees the greatest yield from a broad product lineup.

SMA not only offers exceptional system oriented know-how, but also the appropriate solar inverter for every requirement: for grid-coupling or stand-alone electricity supply, for single or threephase grids, from kilowatt to megawatt, with or without transformers and for each module type.


Solectria Renewables designs and manufactures premium efficiency, high reliability power electronics and systems for renewable power generation. We also offer engineering services for renewable power systems and distributed power generation.

Additionally, Solectria Renewables provides a one-stop resource for fused string combiners, SolrenView data monitoring solutions as well as disconnects, meters and more. Modbus communication is available for commercial and utility scale inverters.

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