N Dewitt Michigan Solar Installation

N Dewitt 10kw Seasonal Tilt Solar

40 Lightway 250 watt panels
2 Solectria PVI 5000TL Inverters
2 20 panel RLS Energy STS seasonal Tilt Racks

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RLS Energy installed a 10 kW PV system for us a year ago to the day and it has produced over 14,000 kWh! The system consists of two ground mounted tilting racks holding twenty 250 W panels each and two 5 kW inverters. The entire installation is professional, right down to the lawn graded away from the foundation.
Not only has the system outperformed, but the bid was the lowest of three, beating the highest bid by 48%. I originally projected an 11-year payoff, but now its looking more like eight years.
I was so impressed with the work last year that I brought RLS Energy back to help design and install a roof-mounted rack system for a five-panel solar hot water system I’m rebuilding. Rob worked with me, providing equipment and labor for a fair price where needed without pressure to do the entire project.
Rob and his workers took on my projects as their own. I found them to be engaged and focused on doing things fairly and correctly at a reasonable cost. Their innovation showed up in many small things that made the projects fit my home. Their mission is to provide green energy that lasts and their work is evidence of that.
Thanks for your good work, Rob!

RickDewitt, MI

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