HeatMaster Gasification Wood Stove Bio Mass System Install

RLS Energy built this 2 stove HeatMaster gasification wood stove system to heat the 18,000 sq ft Dining Hall and all the domestic hot water for the kitchen and restrooms. This system has a 1,500 gallon thermal storage tank to allow the stoves to burn longer at full load longer to reduce emissions even further. The Pumps and tank are housed in their own mechanical room. There are 2 – 2” insulated lines to the building mechanical room to move the water. The 2 roof top furnaces and 3 gas furnaces are all fitted with water to air coils and interlocks to heat the building as long as there is wood heat. In the event the wood heat is gone the controls seamlessly go back to gas. We also heat all the domestic hot water using the gas water heaters as thermal storage and if the wood heat is gone they also go back to gas automatically. This system has full monitoring and the information is displayed in the dining room for use as a teaching aide to educate the campers about Bio Mass energy.

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Sequence of operation

Bio Mass System

This system has 3 water circuits. The main tank and main loop to Malachi, Each stove has its own water circuit separated from the tank by a heat exchanger. The stove water will be treated. The tank water will not be treated.

Starting Bio Mass first time.
Always be familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions for the Heatmaster Wood stoves. In any conflict the stove procedures take precedent.
Verify all 2” valves are open in the Main Loop.
Fill water system tank with fill valve in Malachi mechanical room to 100% full indication on tank level indicator.
Turn on circulating pumps circuit breaker in Bio Mass building. Breaker # 6.
Turn on Main Loop Pump Switch. Water is now circulating in the main loop.
Turn on breaker #13 in the Generator Panel in electrical room which will power Pump Panel in mechanical room.
Verify all 12 zone valves are open in the furnace room.
Set 5 heating thermostats to a higher than current tempeture.
Bleed air from water lines to each coil by cycling each zone pump with switch in Pump Control Panel in furnace room venting air at the coils with bleeder provided. Recheck water level in system and fill as necessary to 100% full on tank indicator.
In the BioMass Building, verify that the 2” and 1 ¼” heat exchanger valves are open.
Turn on G400 Pump 1 and G200 Pump 1. This will circulate water between the tank and the 2 stove heat exchangers.
Fill Stoves with water to full level.
Turn on stove power and controllers
Verify temp setting in Ranco controllers and set to F for display, set upper limit to 187deg and differential to 5 deg, set the mode to H1
Turn on G400 Pump 2 and G200 Pump 2. This will circulate water between the stoves and the 2 stove heat exchangers.

Always, Always prior to opening door to stoves, turn off power switch on controller.

Always, Always open door latch to first position, wait 15 seconds before opening the door completely.

Build small fire in each stove. Recheck in 20 minutes and with bed of coals burning fill firebox full.
Allow temperature in tank to build and keep fire burning until tank is at temperature and stoves cycle off at 180 deg.
Check water level at stoves and fill to 100% full
Check for 180 deg temp in master loop in Mechanical Room.
When master temperature limit (180deg winter) is satisfied the R-1 relays will isolate the 5 furnace gas trains and 5 t stats will control the 5 zone pumps and fans when temperature stats call for heat.
The No Flow limits in each zone must see temperature in return water piping before fans are energized. On call for heat in each space the pump will be energized and when the no flow limit sees temp the fan will come on until temperature in space is satisfied.
When thermostat is satisfied the zone pump will and fan will stop.
Monitor stoves for wood consumption and fill as necessary.

Domestic Hot Water System
When master temperature switch is satisfied (180deg winter, 140deg summer) the R-I limit on the hot water J box will energize, opening the +24 volt circuits to the damper motors on both gas water heaters disabling the gas train for both.
This will also start the Bio Mass heat pump R-2 pushing Bio Mass heat into the heat exchanger ahead of the water heaters. The recirculating pump will circulate the return domestic hot water through the Bio Mass heat exchanger and into the tank. This will raise the temperature in the water heaters to the preset of the aqua stat on the water heater outlet at the ceiling DHW feed to the building. If the aqua stat senses water temperature rise above 130 deg the stove BioMass heat circulating pump will stop until the outlet water falls to 120 deg, at which time the stove heat pump will turn back on keeping the hot water loop in the building at a maximum of 130 deg.
A full set of wiring schematic’s are in the Bio Mass Control Panel for the furnace and DHW interlocks.

Spring Maintenance and Operation

Reset Master Temperature Switch in Malachi furnace room to 140deg.
Allow fire to burn out on G400
Shut off G400 pumps 1 and 2, Power down stove controller, Set Main Loop key switch to summer, shut off Pump Control Panel switches 1-5.
Clean G400 Stove.
Sample water separately for both stoves and submit for testing per manufacturer requirements. Treat if required.
Cut Wood

Winter Maintenance and Operation

Turn on stove controller for G400
Verify setting in controller
Reset the Master Temperature Switch in furnace room to 180deg.
Turn on G400 Pumps 1 and 2.
Turn off stove controller and build small fire. Turn on Controller. Allow to warm up, build larger fire.
Cut Wood.

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